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June 30, 2020 04:52
Oracle opens second Cloud region in Hyderabad-Increases investment in India

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As the customer demand in India has been increasing, Oracle has announced its Cloud region in Hyderabad. The demand of Cloud services in India has been increasing and Oracle has upped their investments in India.

Oracle has plans to operate 36 second generation Cloud regions by the end of 2020. This opening was a part of Oracle’s global plan. Oracle had launched its MumbaiCloudregion in 2019, and the opening in Hyderabad is a follow up of that launch. After the launch in Hyderabad, India has become the largest country with Oracle’s multiple Cloud regions available and also capable to meet the increasing demand for secure and stable enterprise Cloud services. Now Indian customers will have access to all Oracle Cloud services including Oracle Autonomous database and Oracle Autonomous Linux and also the best one Oracle Cloud applications which help in unlocking innovation and helps in driving the business growth.

With today’s launch India has joined countries like United States of America, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other European Union countries in having multiple Oracle Cloud regions that facilitate enterprises in disaster recovery strategies.

The Vice President of Japan and Asia Pacific Oracle has said that Oracle is looking to launch new products faster and help customers create incredible experience. Oracle is looking for further support the growth of companies in the new decade.

Oracle has already opened and launched Cloud regions in countries like Australia, Japan and Korea. Now with India, this dual Cloud region will enable customers to deploy resilient application in multiple independent Cloud regions for disaster recovery. It also helps in complying with regulatory requirement around data privacy by making sure that sensitive data never leaves the country. It also helps in operational issues associated with operating in multiple countries.

Indian Customers and Partners Welcome the New Oracle Cloud Region in Hyderabad. The government of Telangana welcomes the Oracle Cloud region in Hyderabad and congratulates Oracle India on opening their second Cloud region in Hyderabad. The opening of secondCloud region will surely benefit both public and private enterprises in the state. Jayesh Sharma who is the Principal Secretary of Industries & Commerce and Information & Technology, Government of Telangana said that ‘Oracle continues to be a trusted technology partner for us, powering a large number of our citizen-centric services.’

Both Large and midsize organizations across India are using Oracle Cloud to run their mission-critical workloads. In India large numbers of companies are looking to grow using Cloud led innovation. Now with the dual Cloud regions in India Oracle can support over 215,000 customers in their journey of growth.

These unprecedented times in the country have made us value the large volumes of data to deliver rapid insight in business operations. Organisations that have already invested in data migration and also applications to Cloud platforms found it very effective and benefit to work. But beyond these Indian companies need Cloud platforms to provide cost-effective Information and technology infrastructure. Indian companies are starting to get back up and in the journey towards growth. They are looking for local based Cloud infrastructure to access data, manage the data, provide full-proof security for the data and also data that can operated from various places. Oracle is going to be that choice as it can provide companies with data and also comply with the laws of the country that data is safe and secure and not leave the country.

Oracle is currently operating in 24 regions globally of which 16 are commercial and 6 are government. Oracle has opened 20 Cloud regions in the past year. Apart from Hyderabad, Oracle has announced opening of 5 other Cloud regions recently in countries including Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Amsterdam and South Korea. This has been the fastestexpansion by any Cloud provider. The company has plans to open 10 more Cloud regions in countries across the world. This includes United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Israel, South Africa, Chile, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Oracle is currently available in regions which includes Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Mumbai, Sydney, Melbourne, Chuncheon, Hyderabad in Asia Pacific; Phoenix, Ashburn, Toronto, Sao Paolo and Montreal in United States ;Frankfurt, London, Zurich and Amsterdam in Europe; Jeddah in Middle East

The 6 Government regions include two general U.S. Government regions, three U.S. Department of Defense specific Government regions and one in the United Kingdom.

By Deepika Agarwal

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