Kalavathi Movie Review

Kalavathi Movie Review

Kalavathi Movie Review
  • Rating:
  • Director:
    Sundar C
  • Cast:
    Sundar C, Siddharth, Trisha, Hansika Motwani
  • Banner:
    Sarvanth Ram Creations & Good Cinema Group
  • Producer:
    Good Friends
  • Music:
    Hiphop Tamizha
  • Release Dt :
    Jan, 29 2016


Murali (Siddarth) falls in love with Anitha (Trisha) and the duo decide to get married. At this time, Murali gets a call from his home that his father is unwell after which Murali and Anitha travel to his hometown. Things change completely after they enter their bungalow and Anitha’s brother (Sundar C) makes an entry to find about the haunted. He installs cameras to record and capture things about what exactly is happening in the bungalow. The most surprising thing is that the footage reveals Kalavathi (Hansika) who is the sister of Murali. The rest of the film is about the story of Kalavathi and about what she has to do with the people in the bungalow. Watch Kalavathi movie to know about the rest.


Kalavathi Movie Review

The first half of the movie has been below the average line as the first half of the movie offers nothing except entertainment at parts. The songs test the patience of the audience and not a single song has been good to listen. Some of the scenes bring lot of interest and pre interval episodes have been decent. On the whole the first half of Kalavathi has nothing much to do. 

The second half of the film is the major highlight of the movie as it carries all the needed emotions and elements. The horror episodes have been shot absolutely well with good quality of visual effects. The second half of Kalavathi has good dose of entertainment and the climax episodes bring lot of interest among the audience. On the whole the complete second half has been impressive which makes the film decent. 


Siddarth has been decent with his role as he had a challenging supporting role in the movie. Hansika is the major highlight of the film and her performance has taken the film to the next level. Hansika had limited screen space and Trisha carried out the rest of the emotions with her performance. Trisha has been glamorous throughout the first half. All the other actors have been decent and entertaining in their roles assigned.

The story of the movie resembles to Chandrakala but the screenplay and the dialogues are the game changers. The second half has been taken enough care of and the entertaining episodes have been written well. The music is the major let down of the film and so is the background score. The cinematography has been stupendous and the production values have been grand. Sundar C should be well appreciated for his stupendous work during the second half of the film.

Final Word

Kalavathi emerges as a winner because of the impressive second half.  A film to watch this weekend.

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