Kathakali Movie Review

Kathakali Movie Review

Kathakali Movie Review
  • Rating:
  • Director:
  • Cast:
    Vishal, Catherine Tresa
  • Banner:
    Pasanga Productions, Vishal Film Factory
  • Producer:
    Pandiraj, Vishal
  • Music:
    Hiphop Tamizha
  • Release Dt :
    Mar, 18 2016


Vishal comes to Cuddalore from a foreign country for attending a marriage. Due to some unforeseen incidents, Vishal develops some rivalry with Thamba (Madhusudhan Rao). In this situation, Thamba gets killed and due to the rivalry between Vishal and the villain, people suspect that, Vishal might have killed the baddie. Handling the police on one side and goons from the victim’s side, how did Vishal managed to come out of the tough time, clearing the route, forms the rest of the story.


Kathakali Movie Review

Kathakali Tamil version has been released on Sankranthi and has secured good success over there. With the same confidence, it has now released in Telugu. Due to an immense of Tamil flavor in it, it may not appear apt to the Telugu audience. But the engaging screenplay, would give an edge of the seat thrilling experience, which makes one stick to the seats till the end. 

Not lagging too much, the suspense building style and short duration of the film is an added advantage. However, the revelation of the same suspense is not attractive.


Vishal is energetic as usual, but the repetitive emotions in aggressive scenes, just like any of his recent films, makes one sound low. Unlike being just a glamor doll, Catherine Teresa, this time, got something to do with the performance too. Rest other characters, do not have much significance, as per the plot of the film. 

More than the songs, Hip Hop Thamizha’s background score is attractive. Editing is good and cinematography is lively, making one feel it, while watching on the screen. 

Pandiraj’s direction is flawless, but the overdose masala in the second half and predictable climax suspense revelation, lets one down.

Final Word

Kathakali is filled with loads of Tamil flavour which may not be accepted by Telugu audience. If you are ok with that, Kathakali makes a one time watch.

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