Domino’s and Ford Team up for deliveries without drivers

August 31, 2017 13:11
Domino’s and Ford Team up for deliveries without drivers

The Future of food industry is changing in recent years, with technological advancements food industry is changing its style of delivering food. Recently two Michigan companies have teamed up to test a self driven pizza delivery vehicle.

Starting Tuesday night, some pizzas in Domino’s Hometown of Ann Arbor will arrive at Ford fusion outfitted with radars and a camera that is used for autonomous testing.

A Ford engineer is at the wheel but the customers will not be able to interact with him as the window is blacked out. Instead people have to come of their house and type a four digit code into the keypad mounted on the car, then it will open the rear window and let the customer redeem the order from a heated compartment.

Domino’s say that the compartment can carry four pizzas and five sides. This experiment will help domino's understanding customers interaction with self driven vehicles says, president Russell Weiner.

Weiner told reporters that this test would help them answer questions like will they want the car in driveway or curb? Will they come out if its raining or snowing? Will they put their pizza boxes on top of the car and threaten to mass up its expensive cameras? Will they know how to use keypad?

Domino’s delivers 1 billion pizzas every year world wide so they need to stay ahead of emergency trends, said Weiner. This test will last for 6 weeks, and then company will decide what to do next, they are even testing pizza delivery with drones.

Currently there are 1,00,000 drivers in U.S, in driver less world they would be taking on different roles in the company. Where as, ford company who want to develop a driver less vehicle by 2021 said it needs to understand the kinds of things companies would use the vehicle for.

We are not developing a self driving car just for the sake of technology, but there are so many practical things we need to learn, said ford vice president.

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