Saala Khadoos Movie Review

Saala Khadoos Movie Review

Saala Khadoos Movie Review
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    Jun, 04 2020


Saala Khadoos -review
  • Film : Saala Khadoos
  • Producer : Rajkumar Hirani, R.Madhavan
  • Director : Sudha Kongara
  • Star Cast : R .Madhavan, Ritika Singh
  • Music Director : Santhosh Narayanan
Rating: 3/5

Saala Khadoos Movie Review and Rating

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Saala Khadoos -review
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Saala Khadoos is the story of Adi (R Madhavan) who is a National boxing champion and settles as a coach. He trains girls and is completely embittered. Adi’s regular habit is to clash with his head coach (Zakir Khan) after which he gets transferred to Chennai with a fake sexual harassment case. Chennai being the weakest boxing zone, Adi has nothing much to do and during this time he finds Madhi (Ritika Singh) who is poor but who dreams of becoming a national champion. The rest of the movie is how Adi trains her and ends up making Madhi an International boxing champion. Watch Saala Khadoos to know about the complete narration.

Analysis :

 Saala Khadoos -review

The first half of Saala Khadoos has been quite interesting with the narration taking the major role. The stunning presence and stylish makeover of R Madhavan is a show stealer for sure. Except some unwanted songs and other aspects, the complete first half of the movie has been managed to be gripping and engaging. It brings lot of curiosity among the audience to wait eagerly for the second half.

The second half of the movie which has to be perfect in every aspect fails to come out so. The unwanted romanctic episodes that have been indulged forcefully deviates the film. The songs too are the barriers for the film’s flow and the movie gets interesting during the pre-climax. The climax has been shot well though its completely predictable. On the whole the second half of Saala Khadoos has been ok but it fails to reach the expectations of the audience.

Performance :

Saala Khadoos -review

R Madhavan has been blamed and he has been criticized that he never cares about his physique. He has taken his time and he has come up with a stylish makeover for the film which has been quite impressive. His ruggish performance in the film is the major highlight of Saala Khadoos undoubtedly. Ritika Singh is sure the second surprise of the film and the makers should be appreciated for casting her. She has done a brilliant job as Madhi and she has been challenging with her presence. All the other actors have been decent with their assignments.

The story of Saala Khadoos has been known and predictable. The screenplay makes the film brilliantly executed except some small flaws. The dialogues have been decent and apt. The music has been suitable and the songs act like barriers throughout except one song that reveals Madhi’s makeover. The cinematography is the major highlight and the movie looks realistic because of the excellent work by the cinematographer. The production values have been rich and the director failed to take the film to the next level because of some flaws in the second half of the film.

Final Word:
R Madhavan and Ritika Singh take the film to the next level with their stupendous performances. Saala Khadoos makes a decent one time watch if you ignore the predictable narration and the flaws in the second half.

(AW: Siva Kumar)


Saala Khadoos Movie Review


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